Toes in the water

So this is my first blogpost ever. It’s a bit daunting but definitely time to start sharing some thoughts about publishing, education, critical thinking, starting a business and life in general. I’m not sure yet what the balance is going to be, but hope to provide some useful thoughts and ideas along the way.

In the last day or two Di and I have been thinking hard about our brand and identity. We know why we chose the name Critical Publishing, but do our customers? It’s been good to revisit that and really try and define ourselves and the company a bit more. Critical has a whole host of meanings – some positive and some negative. We talk about critical points, critical paths and constructive criticism. It can be vital, or urgent, or harsh and unhelpful. But what we are talking about I suppose is academic criticality. And what is that? It’s analysing, evaluating and reflecting. Its active learning that develops a questioning approach and independence of mind. It’s what sets a great student apart from his or her peers, but it’s something everyone can develop. At Critical Publishing we are passionate about fostering critical thinking and communicating the real advantages of developing a positive critical approach, and this passion is at the heart of our commissioning and so at the heart of our books.

I think this approach is particularly important in education. As a teacher you need to continually question, re-evaluate and adapt as you respond to new government initiatives or just to the changing dynamics in your classroom. But you also want your pupils to become critical thinkers.

It would be good to know what being critical means to you, whether you are a practitioner, lecturer or student.

Julia Morris, April 13


2 thoughts on “Toes in the water

  1. Hello Julia
    It’s an honour and a thrill to see how elements of the conversation I was lucky enough to participate in with you last week (on the meanings of “Critical”) have been filtered, reflected on, and presented here. In and of itself this post is a great demonstration of critical thinking in action. I’m really looking forward to reading more from you and Di in future…

  2. Modern Mental Health- critical perspectives on psychiatric practice is a collection of thought-provoking and challenging chapters written by an array of International experts, Practitioners, Academics and Service Users.
    The latest book from Critical Publishing uses the concept of critical to mean a positive Socratic interrogation from a different perspective of the prevailing orthodoxy. It aims to promote service-user involvement in their care and treatment and improve Mental Health Services.

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