Add to the debate …

It’s great that the sun is shining at last. It’s also been a good week for my publishing prospects. A few months ago I was really pleased to be able to sign up Ian Menter from Oxford University as the series editor for our Critical Guides for Teacher Educators. Following a recent call for authors, Ian and I have had a huge response in terms of both ideas for specific books and general enthusiasm for the series.

Initial market research had indicated a real need for the series, since teacher education is in a state of dynamic flux across the UK and internationally. Nearly everything that could be revised or updated has been subject to review in the last year or so, from the EYFS and the National Curriculum to FE qualifications and teacher training routes. There are many professionals taking on new teacher education roles in schools, colleges and universities. There is increasing awareness of the need to relate policy and practice in teacher education to wider agendas of educational development such as school improvement and the development of accomplished teaching.

So it’s been fantastic to have such positive feedback from people and would be great to continue the debate around what teacher educators need. Do let me know if you have any thoughts about this.



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