Introducing our Book of the Week feature

September is a big month for us at Critical Publishing as we will be publishing 8 new titles, bringing our list of publications up to 18 covering the areas of teacher education, social work, early years, further education and coaching & mentoring. We pondered how we might best give people a taster of how great all our titles are and came up with the idea of running a ‘Book of the Week’ feature throughout the autumn period.

Each week we will feature a particular title on our website and we will also be publishing a number of extracts from the book throughout the week here on the blog. Many of our authors will also be posting guest blog posts which give an insight into their motivation behind writing, highlight what they see as crucial issues or give more detail on the approach they have taken. Please do post responses if you feel like it and we would love to know what you think of our titles.

Our first book of the week is Teaching and Learning Early Years Mathematics: Subject and Pedagogic Knowledge by Mary Briggs who is an Associate professor at the Institute of Education, University of Warwick. Early years maths is the foundation for all mathematical learning and it is vital that teachers are secure in their own knowledge as well as being able to understand how young children learn to count and calculate, recognise shapes and begin to generalise their findings about problems. We hope the extracts from Mary’s book will give you a taster of some of the key topics and ideas covered. The first extract will be published tomorrow (Tuesday 3 Sept) and we will alert everyone via twitter.


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