A Complete Guide to the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training – Extract 3

We hope you are enjoying these tasters of our new title A Complete Guide to the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training by Lynn Machin, Duncan Hindmarch, Sandra Murray and Tina Richardson. Here now is Extract 3 taken from Chapter 5 Communication

This chapter considers the importance of effective communication within a learning environment. The concept and importance of communication runs throughout all of the level 4 CET units, in particular the following:

  • Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training (level 3): 2.2; 3.1;
  • Delivering education and training (level 4): 1.2; 2.1, 2.3; 3.1, 3.2; 5.1, 5.2;
  • Using resources for education and training (level 4): 1.1, 1.2, 1.3; 3.2.

This chapter provides consideration of key theories and methods of communication and asks questions and contains activities that are designed to develop your understanding of how to apply principles and theories of communication to your practice. In this way, this chapter aims to meet the following objectives:

  • to provide you with an explanation of some of the key principles, theories and methods of communication;
  •  to support your exploration of ways in which you might develop communication with your learners and with others in your organisation;
  • to assist you in evaluating resources and suggest ways in which they can enhance communication.


Effective communication is, without doubt, the most fundamental skill that any teacher needs to master. While you do, of course, need to be knowledgeable in your specialist area, you must also be able to convey that knowledge at a level and in a manner that your learners will understand. Your understanding and application of theories of communication will form a key part of your development as a teacher, as will your awareness of barriers that can hinder communication and exploration of opportunities to enhance communication with learners, colleagues and others.

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