Thoughts from an Early Childhood Studies Student

We want our books to be as good as they can possibly be so we look for feedback as widely as we can. As part of this approach we have taken on a number of student advisers to tell us what they think about our existing publications and to help shape future titles. In this blog post 3rd year student Rio Dorbin speaks about her course and how she has found it.

I have recently started working for Critical Publishing as a student adviser. This means I get sent books to review and provide honest feedback. I’m currently studying for my Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons) degree with Plymouth University. I’ve had four books sent to me thus far and all of them are relevant to my course.  I’m actually not a ‘natural’ reader – growing up I wasn’t somebody who was particularly interested in books. But the last 3 years at uni have taught me that it’s really important to make an effort- the more you read, the more confident you will be when it comes to writing those dreaded essays. The books at Critical Publishing are not demanding at all, in fact they’re really accessible to higher education students and are often written by practicing professionals who were once in our position.

I’m really pleased I get to keep the books after reviewing them, as they will be a great source of reference for my final year of study.

In terms of my course, there have been many challenges. Firstly, the step up each year is fairly abrupt and that means we have to work harder to quite often reach the same grade! But, this keeps us on our toes and means we can’t get complacent! When I first started university, I was surprised at how much reading we would have to do. It came as a shock to the system to be honest, and it can be a struggle to stay motivated. Another difficulty was referencing and being vigilant at finding credible sources to back up arguments. I’m in my last year now and I’m finally beginning to master it! However, I am thoroughly enjoying my course. It has been a steep learning curve but I feel very confident about my future working with children. The fellow students on my course are from a variety of backgrounds; some with children, some with a wealth of professional experience and others like myself straight from college. This mixed bag of people means discussion about children is really varied and interesting, as everyone has a different perspective! 

Student adviser, Rio Dorbin


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