Surviving your first week of University

This is the first in a series of posts by Taylor Cornes who is currently in her first year studying Primary Initial Teacher Education at the University of Worcester. She has wanted to be a Primary School Teacher from as long as she can remember. During her time at Primary School, she was inspired by a number of teachers who were encouraging, supportive and dedicated to teaching which further fuelled her ambition to train to become a teacher. She thoroughly enjoys studying at the University of Worcester and is looking forward to the exciting journey ahead.

In the weeks leading up to starting University I was a nervous wreck. The thought of being in a new place with new people that I didn’t know filled me with anxiety. I imagined being swamped by people and getting lost trying to look for my class. I was so wrong! One important note to remember when feeling tense before a big milestone like this is that everyone is in the same boat.

As I sheepishly walked into a large lecture hall for the first time since my education began, I was amazed to see a room full of people looking just as worried as me! The teaching staff tried their best to make us feel relaxed and we were encouraged to speak to those sat around us in order to ‘break the ice’. After our introductory talk we were divided into our groups. You could say that we were ‘thrown’ into socialisation through team bonding activities, but without these I would most definitely feel just as nervous as I did prior to my first day.

It can be overwhelming reading up on the statistics of a University and being fully aware that they host thousands of students, but this by no means should fill you with fear. It is exciting seeing the amount of diversity around the campus and people are friendly and warming.

As a student teacher you have to be an ‘out-there’ person as you’ll simply fade into the background. During the first weeks of University it is especially important to speak to as many other students as possible and aim to build up a real rapport with the teaching staff as this will make you a more rounded individual. By branching out through talking to new people you learn about their experiences and by sharing yours it kick starts the learning curve.

The life lessons you learn and develop in the initial days at University are invaluable.

The most important message to take from this post is to relax and enjoy yourself! Unnecessarily stressing and panicking will distract you from enjoying the new University experience.

If you take my advice there is no reason why you can’t seamlessly integrate into University and the student teacher lifestyle.

Taylor Cornes


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