Brownie Revels Day

Taylor Cornes continues to chart her first year as a trainee primary school teacher at the University of Worcester.

On Sunday I attended a fun-filled activity day called ‘Brownie Revels’ with the Brownie pack that I voluntarily work with and the other Brownie packs from the local area. I decided to start volunteering at Brownies back in October as I had been a Brownie for a couple of years when I was younger, and I finally felt confident enough and had the time to join a Brownie pack and meet new people. To date I have had some priceless moments with the Brownies, and Sunday definitely added to the bank of lovely memories.

During the day at Brownie Revels, various workshops were running – the first was a short dance workshop where the Brownies were taught a dance routine that they would have to perform at the final carnival which would conclude the day. Seeing the joyous faces on the girls made me smile and it was obvious how much fun they were all having even if it was the start of the day.

The next two workshops were craft related so the Brownies had the opportunity to make and decorate a lucky penny parrot, a butterfly, and a mask that they would have to wear when dancing in the carnival. I always take a lot of inspiration for my lesson plans on placement from the things we do at Brownies, so I found the crafts workshops extremely interesting.

After lunch, the Brownies had an indoor games workshop where they could play with space hoppers, parachutes, hula-hoops, skipping ropes, the lot! The excitement and buzz of energy was so contagious I eventually got up and had a go on some of the equipment myself.

The most prominent memory of the day was the Glamba drumming workshop. The man and lady running it had an assortment of large and small drums that the Brownies (and leaders) all had the opportunity to play. The instructions were simple and easy to follow and again, I took inspiration from the workshop and thought of ways that I could incorporate this into music lessons on future placements. I was smiling and laughing from the moment the session started until the end and I am so fortunate to have had the chance to witness and take part in a Glamba experience.

The day was topped off by the carnival performance and I was immensely proud of not only my Brownie pack, but all of the other girls who worked together to perform an amazing, uplifting finale dance. Brownie Revels is a day that I will never forget, and I can’t wait to attend more events like it in the future.

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