My First Year of University

This is the final post of the academic year by Taylor Cornes, a first year primary student at the University of Worcester. Happy holidays Taylor!

The end of my first year at the University of Worcester is finally here, and may I start by emphasising how incredibly fast it has gone! It only seems like yesterday I was typing up my blog post about ‘Surviving your first week of University’, and it’s equally as scary to think that as of September I will be a second year student – which is when all of the hard work commences.

As I have been posting updates on what my first year has consisted of along the way during the past few months, this blog post will be more of a reflection on my first year as a whole: what I have learnt from it, who I have met, and the experiences we have shared.

My first year of study at the University of Worcester can be summed up in one word – fantastic. It is a wonderful feeling not only being surrounded by amazing students, but by a brilliant team of staff and lecturers too; I can’t imagine how I’d be feeling at this stage if I didn’t have the strong support system from my peers, friends and tutors.

A major lesson that I have learnt from my first year of University is that it is not as scary as I initially thought it would be. I started the academic year as a shy, nervous and extremely anxious 18 year old, but I have gradually been brought out of my shell, and my confidence has soared; I feel able to take on any challenge that is sent my way.

I wasn’t very optimistic when starting University due to home issues involving my Father’s health, however, through the support from my Academic Tutor and the lovely group of friends I have made, I was able to forget about the negatives and focus on the positives. As Helen Keller once said “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light”.

 I have been offered and have taken up some excellent opportunities since my degree began, and I owe it to the University of Worcester for enabling me to blossom as an individual.

In reflection, I have developed so many skills and acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in such a short space of time, it seems. I am now confident on Harvard referencing (a term that was completely alien to me upon starting University). I have recently chaired a Course Management Committee meeting – something I could not have even dreamed of doing as I look back at the person I was in Induction Week, and finally, I have learnt that external examiners aren’t as scary as you might think after having a meeting with them this week to discuss how I feel about the course that I am on.

Now the final assignments have been submitted and my first year is officially over, I can begin to relax – starting with my holiday to Corfu next week! I have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the next academic year as I must keep busy at all times, and I will be able to share these with you closer to the time. But for now, I want to personally thank Julia, Di and everyone from Critical Publishing for giving me this opportunity to blog about my student teacher experiences.

I would like to wish everyone a spectacular summer, and I will be back blogging mid-September when the chaos that is Induction Week begins all over again!

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