How We Learn and Remember


Following the success of Terry‘s blog post yesterday, we thought we’d treat you all to some more exclusive access (shhhhh). With Terry’s permission (ofcourse) we are going to give a week of snapshots from his new and eagerly awaited book ‘Embedding English and maths’.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know exactly how we could make things stick in our brains? Whether it be the phone number you keep forgetting, or the meeting you were meant attend or even how your partner takes their tea- we all forget the most irritating things!

Now I’m not saying Terry is going to make sure you remember absolutely everything, but in his book he provides the strategies and tools necessary for teachers to effectively translate basic English and maths skills in a way that will ensure their learners remember!


The chapter then delves into more detail discussing each of the aspects seen on this diagram. If you’d like to read more then please visit our website!

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