Routes into Secondary Teaching

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Once again we have a week of extracts for you from ‘Getting into Secondary Teaching‘ (OUT NOW and 15% off on our website), edited by Andy Davies and Mel Norman.

Getting into teaching is rather complicated. There are so many options and opinions as to what is the “right” route that the whole thing seems a bit daunting. This book is great because it discusses all the options available to  you. What is also amazing about this book is that throughout there is a ‘student teacher voice’.

In this extract the text focuses on the postgraduate university-led route.

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What does the training on a universityled postgraduate pathway involve?  

University-led options enable you to work closely within an academic environment supported by a university tutor and to work closely with other students in your subject area. This peer network can provide a highly positive and supportive study and work environment. You are likely to have excellent library resources available and a virtual learning environment  from the university as well as expert lecturers who are aware of and sometimes conducting the latest research relating to their specialism.

Who is this for?  

University-led pathways suit applicants wanting Masters level credits and links to further study in their early professional development. It is also likely that the university will be able to select from a large range of schools which ones will best suit your development. In many cases these pathways provide a more gradual immersion into the school environment with time to reflect on early learning away from the school context. 

Student teacher voice 

Sarah explains her reasoning for choosing a university-led course:  

… It combines both the mentoring and research support from the university and the wide range of practical teaching experience.  [It] provides a lot of support and induction for students before their placements which allow them to have an idea of best practice instead of jumping straight into the classroom.  

She commented that such courses: 

also provide the opportunity to get credits towards a Masters qualification. This increases your job prospects but also allows you to take an active role in the education community. 

This quotation shows the lack of clarity about different pathways to QTS amongst ITE applicants and student teachers as a PGCE can also be taken through school-led courses, but perhaps also illustrates how much the PGCE is valued.    

Another student teacher, Jamie, noted:  

the support and specialist knowledge and experience provided by the university’s staff is invaluable but there can sometimes be a sense of ‘disconnect’ between the university and school.

If you want any more information about the routes into teaching then this is definitely the book for you!

For more details on book then go to our website where ALL titles are currently 15% OFF.

Otherwise please feel free to message in with any questions for us or for Andy and Mel at

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