The book that every newly qualified teacher should have!

Colin Howard, one of the authors of our new book ‘Surviving and Thriving as a Primary NQT‘ has a bit to say about why this book is a must-read for all newly qualified teachers and how it can be used to ensure that you become the best teacher you can be!

Surviving and Thriving as a Primary NQT-174x246-cover-web (3)

It has been a real pleasure again to write with Branwen Bingle and Catriona Robinson in order to create our new, exciting book entitled ‘Surviving and Thriving as a Primary NQT’. We hope that it will complement our existing book with Critical Publishing ‘Your Primary School Based Experience’ which was also written to support those on the journey to qualified teacher status.

Our new book has been written to support those many students who are about to leave training and embark upon their future professional teaching careers in a range of primary school settings. The book was conceived to support newly qualified teachers after having left what may have been a more traditional undergraduate or postgraduate university based course or an alternative training route such as school direct.

The first year in teaching a very demanding year primarily due to a range of factors. These include, being new to the school, not having done items once in some instances, having to adjust to having the total responsibility for the teaching and learning of a class and not having seen a full year through, let alone as a newly qualified teacher.

I remember vividly my first year of teaching and sometimes I wonder how I managed to successfully navigate through this period in my professional life. I would liken it to the feeling of having passed a driving test and suddenly there you are there, responsible having to make all the decisions. You can also feel very much alone at the beginning wishing there was a guiding presence to help you. Therefore this book is designed to help guide and support you. It has been structured to take you, as a newly qualified teacher, through what your first year may look and feel like. It will examine the support that you may be given and it will examine the roles and demands that may be placed upon you. It will also provide you with practice informed advice as well as allowing you with the opportunity to critical reflect upon your future career and the decision you will have to make.

We wish you well in your futures and hope this book can ease your transition into your future chosen profession.

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