A book for National Science Week

It’s National Science week and children all over the country will be celebrating in schools so we’ve decided to join in on the celebrations!

Introducing our new book ‘Key Concepts in Primary Science’.KCPS-Cover-web

This long-awaited title is the key to enabling teachers everywhere to inspire and open the minds of their pupils.

Here is a short entry from the authors Vivian Cooke and Colin Howard.

I am delighted that my colleague Colin Howard and myself have written our second book on primary science, Key Concepts in Primary Science.  The book has been written for both trainee and qualified primary teachers to support them in developing an understanding of the concepts and knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum for science at both Key Stage 1 and 2.

Outstanding teachers of primary science need to have strong subject knowledge in science and an understanding of children’s ideas and misconceptions to enable them to have an impact on children’s learning and allow children to make progress.  Many students that we have taught over the years not only find particular science topics such as Forces and Electricity difficult, but also hold common misconceptions themselves.  In order to increase teachers’ confidence and competence in science subject knowledge and subject-specific pedagogy, the book guides readers to identify their strengths and areas of weaknesses though an initial subject knowledge audit.  This is followed by a concept map of the key concepts dealt with in each chapter and the associated vocabulary which is then defined.  Readers are then prompted to reflect on their understanding at the end of each key concept and a list of resources including websites are included to enable them to further develop their subject knowledge if needed.

We hope you will find the book useful and help you in inspiring children to learn more about this fascinating subject.

Best wishes Colin & Viv.

For a sample of our new book click here or visit our website.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing: hannah@criticalpublishing.com

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