World Social Work Day

Why is Social Work so important?

Here are a few thoughts from some social work students, authors and trainees.

“Social work is important because in a world of increasing inequality social work paints a shade of humanity onto the canvas of society. It is the thread that weaves social policy and the human ideals of social justice, equality and equity into lived experience of people’s lives and communities.”Claudia Megele, author of ‘Psychosocial and Relationship-based Practice

“Social work is important because it’s a platform to fight social injustice and discrimination of any kind.” – Shanti Boafor

“Carl Sagan said that we make our world significant by the courage of our questions and the depth of our answers. Good social workers make meaningful change through both these things.” Chris Dyke, author of ‘Writing Analytical Assessments in Social Work

“Social work is based upon the principles of social justice. It is important because it uniquely contributes to the well-being of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, their families and groups.”Angie Bartoli, author of ‘Anti-Racism in Social Work Practice

“Social work is important for lots of reasons – for some that maybe due to personal struggles and experiences or even tragedies and for others to enable us to support those who are vulnerable and in need of protection and /or support.  Hopefully it helps us give empowerment and a voice to those that need it most.”Julie Adams, author of ‘Positive Social Work‘ and ‘Active Social Work with Children with Disabilities

“Social work is key to how societies function and thrive. It provides an interface between the people and the state and cuts across a number of other professions in terms of what it brings to the health and social care table. It is often a misunderstood and misrecognised profession, even though the narrative around it acutely reflects the complexity and uncertainty it engages with. I see social work as the mediator of adversity, the negotiator of reason and the facilitator of change.”Amanda Taylor, contributor to ‘Social Media in Social Work Education


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