Social Work with Children with Disabilities

Active Social Work Children Disabilities.indd

Today we have a great entry from the authors of our new social work book ‘Active Social Work with Children with Disabilities‘. If you are a student or practising social worker working with or looking to work with children then this book is perfect for you!

Have a read to see why.

We have worked in the field of social work for many years with a large proportion of this working with children with disabilities.  We do not pretend that this is easy and do acknowledge in the book that like other areas of social work, working with children with disabilities is a demanding and at times a very stressful area of social work, particularly when you see children and young people with conditions that are life limiting and/or debilitating and the impact that this has upon not only their lives but the family as a whole.  However, on a brighter note, it is rewarding to work with such wonderful children who bring a smile to your face and who help you remember why we all do such difficult and challenging jobs, often for little or no recognition.  Those children and families that we support help put some of our own challenges into perspective and move onto the next situation that awaits us around each corner.

We hope our book, Active Social Work with Children with Disabilities will help students and newly qualified social workers who are at the beginning of their social work journey and who maybe unfamiliar working with children with disabilities; or for those who have perhaps been in social work for some time but have not worked in this field before and maybe a little ‘apprehensive.  We hope to allay any fears you may have and to introduce you to some of the themes you will come across such as supporting families who may have just received a diagnosis, working with grief and loss, completing your assessments, behaviour management, a family perspective and most importantly communicating with children who are non-verbal and those who use other methods of communication.  We give you some strategies to think about to help you capture the child’s voice.  We have also included a sneaky peak at how autism impacts upon communication.  There are numerous activities throughout the book to get you thinking about different situations and scenarios.   We also give some tips about other aspects of working in a social work team for children with disabilities, such as attending resource panels and working with other professionals from other disciplines.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Julie Adams & Diana Leshone

If you have any questions you can reach me at – as always we’d love to hear from you.

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