New series to support the Policing Degree

We have recently launched a new series of Study Skills books which are ideal for anyone undertaking a policing degree. Here one of the authors, Martin Wright, gives an idea of his motivation for writing the series.

It is a real pleasure to be invited to write a short note regards the new study skills books for policing degree students. Together with my excellent co-authors, Jane Bottomley and Steve Pryjmachuk we have prepared four texts that we believe provide a great introduction to help you succeed in your studies. The books provide essential guidance and instruction on how to study for a policing degree, how to think and write critically and how to communicate effectively. The books have been specifically designed to complement the three degree entry routes into policing and are both topical and challenging.

With the police and policing never seemingly out of the news and the recent announcement of increased funding for the establishment of a large number of new constable posts universities are well-placed to support both the education and professionalisation agenda set by the College of Policing. For lecturers and course leaders the books provide a really accessible set of formative tasks that can assist their teaching. With the increased focus and investment by universities in policing there could not be a more opportune moment for staff to utilise within their programmes. In turn, any student applying to undertake a policing degree at university the books will provide them with a real head-start on their course and clear guidance as to how to succeed in their studies.

We do hope the books are found to be of very real benefit to university staff and students alike and in time assist in the professional development of policing.

Find out more about the series by clicking here.

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